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Would you like to see an increase in your kitchen orders, increase in revenue & margins and become a part of a virtual global franchisee?


Our restaurant partners make $10,000-$20,000 on average per month from the suit of our delivery-only virtual brands.

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Meet our family of virtual brands

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Geezy- a solution that fits all 

We work with partners across the globe and  our data driven virtual brands can be implemented in any kitchen. This can be done without any extra overheads and can help owners  optimise their kitchens effeciently.


About us

We are a founding team of food lovers. We also happen to be tech nerds with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

We love data...but we love food more. So, we keep things simple. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring your success by catering to the trends in the food delivery market. 

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Integrates Easily with Industry-Leading food delivery platforms

We are providing you a platform with iconic brands, training, tech, customers & branding that are, at once, ingenious and highly scalable. Our platform offers a no-risk, turnkey solution. We transform your restaurant into a dynamic, intercontinental food hub optimised for an exceptional delivery experience.


Trusted by the Greatest


We come with Perks...many of them. Here are some:

  • Full marketing & branding support

  • Customer relationship management

  • Access to suppliers for best deals

  • Integration of all food delivery platforms in one hub

  • In built data analytics to understand demand trends

_FREE Restaurant Manager with Chef in Ki

Hear It from Our Customers

“I did not realise the impact of Partnering with Geezy Foods till the Pandemic hit us. Their virtual brand helped us to thrive through the difficult time with ease. Not only did we save ourselves from losses but also made tremendous profits. The best part is that they handle all the technicalities, all we had to do was prepare the orders that came in”

- Miran Masala Hammersmith

How Do We Make Your Restaurant Profitable? 


We build data-driven global food delivery brands


We allocate our brands that align with your kitchen infrastructure


We train your team for an optimal performance and growth in revenue


We get you to focus on food and we focus on driving customers and business

For FMCG Brands

Whether you would like to reach the consumers with product samples along with their food delivery orders or whether you would like to partner with our kitchens to cook your brand and sell on food delivery platforms we got solutions for all. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you to scale.

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Coca Cola Sampling

Team at Coca Cola collaborated with Geezy's virtual restaurants across ANZ & UK region to reach consumers with new flavour along with their food delivery orders.

Wattaburger Harvest Gourmet Campaign.jpg

Nestle Harvest Burger

Team at Nestle partnered with Geezy's Kitchens to launch Nestle plant-based burger as part of our virtual brand offering, delighting consumers with Nestle freshly cooked burgers 

Here are some of the brands that we work with:

The collective.png

Why Partner with Geezy?

  • Earn extra revenue of up to $20,000 from your kitchen.

  • Increase in staff productivity & addition of skills.

  • Reduce your food wastage.

  • Reduce your  ingredients cost by approximately 11%.

  • 200% increase in food-delivery orders

  • No upfront costs and no investment 

  • Be the part of international virtual brand franchisee.


Geezy is presenting the smartest way to boost your restaurant sales.

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No upfront costs, no lock in contracts and no subscription fees.

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